The Process


Each and every piece of furniture created here at Live Edge Sculpting goes through a process before it becomes your bespoke piece – read on to learn more.



Designing The Piece

Every piece of furniture created here at Live Edge Sculpting is a work of art. We’ll discuss what function the furniture will undertake at your home or business. 

We’ll look at your likes and dislikes, your preference for specific types of wood as we work with Walnut, Oak, Ash, Yew, Elm, Beech, Spalted Beech or Redwood.

We’ll look at colours that will complement your interior design, ensuring that your furniture

And, whilst no two pieces of furniture will be alike if you’ve taken inspiration from a design you’ve seen in our gallery or elsewhere we’ll take that into account in order to come up with the concept that’s totally unique to you.

Cut, Sand & Seal


The utmost care and attention goes into each and every creation, lovingly created we consider these very special pieces of furniture an artform.

Our process includes six different grades of sanding alone!

To enhance the natural grooves and voices in the slab, we high quality epoxy resin to fill.  These resins serve a number of functions in that they strengthen the piece and add both character and beauty which are an important part of custom-designing your own natural wood furniture.



Every bespoke creation is finished to the highest of standards as our clientele have become accustomed to since the inception of Live Edge Sculpting.

Based on our years of experience we’ve selected a high grade wax polish which we know is the perfect accompaniment to our one-of-a-kind pieces and lovingly polish your furnite to perfection.

Explore Epoxy Resin Pigments


The finishing touch to the process for many will be a slightly unusual detail in the form of a little colour.

At Live Edge Sculpting we’ve got a wonderful selection of colours that we know you’ll love.


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