This Visionary Craftsman Turns “Diamonds in the Rough” 

into Coveted Heirlooms


With over 16 years of woodworking experience, Tommy Macken’s skill and passion have enabled him to expose beautiful quality products from Irish hardwood trees that are hidden to the naked eye. Tommy is both the Founder and Artisan behind this family-owned business, Live Edge Sculpting, based in the exquisite hillside of Slane, County Meath, Ireland. Together with his wife Natalie, they are busy growing a standout business that customizes museum-quality pieces sourced from local slabs of wood from the Irish countryside.

“We make bespoke live edge wooden furniture using Irish hardwood trees. Unlike traditional store-bought furniture, each live edge piece is truly one-of-a-kind. No two slabs are ever the same, and our passion for the natural finish ensures our clients receive a truly individual creation.”


Where it all Began: The “Roots” of the Business

Innovation and talent struck Tommy at a young age. At 17 years old, he followed his dream of becoming a true craftsman, utilizing woodworking and carpentry to express his true creative soul. He traveled to Australia, where he was inspired as an apprentice, returning to his roots in Ireland. He continued to further strengthen and perfect his skills, focused on his dream of becoming a carpenter and artist, creating unique and beautiful products to share with the world. 


It Takes a Village to Create Each Masterpiece

Live Edge Sculpting is a family-owned business built on history, values, and integrity. From the chosen trees harvested from the beautiful countryside to the thoughtful design, ultimate creation, and final delivery of the finished product -each step is a collaborative effort. Together, with his family’s inspiration and based on each customers’ input and ultimate needs – the job gets done without compromise.  As the Macken’s both have stated: “Every member of the family plays a part, even if the younger and four-legged ones’ biggest contribution is their enthusiasm and incredible energy.”  

The business is focused on making sure the client is satisfied; as Tommy said: “The reaction on our customers’ faces and the great testimonials we have received, confirms that our products are valued pieces for individual’s homes, offices and beyond.” All a testament to the hard work and love that go into each work of art.


Creating Custom-Made Pieces from the Heart

Live Edge Sculpting’s logo tells the story of their heritage and artistic process, as Tommy states: “Our logo comes from inspiration – the graphic is of trees, a saw and wood, ties the process together.” Additionally, their shop is located in the heart of a historical area of Ireland; each aspect literally flows through their overall brand:

“Meath and the Boyne Valley was one of the first areas settled in Ireland. The world-famous tombs at Brú na Bóinne constructed over 5000 years ago continue to impress us. County Meath is celebrated as the Royal County, the place from which the high kings of Ireland reigned from their ritual seat on Tara, and the legends of Ireland were written in the nearby fields. In the Boyne Valley, St. Patrick first preached the Christian faith in Ireland, lighting the Pascal fire on the Hill of Slane.” https://www.rootsireland.ie/meath-genealogy/meath-history/

A variety of wood choices and pigment are woven into each unique piece.  Tommy explains that the final creation is based on: “the space, use, and individual projects and for inspiration to create some live edge luxury for your space.” All an expression of the Artist’s creativity and deep passion which goes into each piece.


How the Team is Navigating the Storm and Forging Ahead

“I just keep working hard and moving forward,” stated Tommy. The company has pivoted to accepting customized orders based on clients’ needs and specifications. Tommy is optimistic that although things are currently slowing down across the country and world, he advises that “everyone should hold tight, keep working, and it will turn around, hopefully, sooner than later.” His inspirational words carry into his pieces – bringing strength and hope to all that are fortunate enough to own one of Live Edge Sculpting’s creations. 


Their Next Great Adventure: Ireland and Beyond

Currently working with the World Trade Center, Dublin, the company has its sights on expanding its footprint throughout the world, including Singapore and beyond. Right now, Tommy states that they are taking “baby steps” focusing on continuing to create inspirational, innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces sourced from the Irish landscape – all exposing their brilliance like a diamond to the awe-struck individual eyes.


Written by – Carolyn Jepsen – Director of Marketing & Communications – Webport Global & World Trade Centre, Dublin – WTC Dublin